Thinking about Solar Energy?

For a 4th consecutive year Australians broke the record for rooftop solar panels installs up 28% from the previous year hitting a huge 362,000 small scale rooftop solar installations! There's never been a better time to go solar!

5 reasons you should invest in solar energy for your home

Most homeowners love the idea of being completely self-sufficient in their household energy production, other's love playing their part for the environment. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why Australian's are going Solar:

We've all been there, just after a long hot summer or a freezing cold winter  when we've been cranking that reverse cycle air-conditioning unit to keep us comfortable. Then a Huge electricity bill comes in usually when you need it least! Customers that go solar enjoy year round electricity production and live pain free from big nasty electricity bills! In many cases our customers get year round bills in credit or at least significant savings from previous billing cycles. GOOD BYE Electricity bills!

Never pay a massive electricity bill again!


Generous government incentives and Retailer Feed in Tariffs

Yes the solar rebate is still alive and kicking! The famous federal STC scheme, where each system has a certain value in number of certificates based on the number of Kilowatts installed. Homeowners are eligible from anywhere between $3000- $7000 in subsides to THINK RENEWABLE! However to be confused with the Feed in Tarif or 'FIT' payments which is what your retailer pays you for exported electricity not used that’s sent back into the grid. So YES just because your not home during the day still means that solar is worth serious consideration!

No savings for a system? No Stress!

In most cases if your electricity bill is that of the average Australian household it is cheaper to make a small weekly finance repayment and pay of your system using the savings the solar has generated on your electricity bill! In other words if you can afford your bill you can afford solar!


We have multiple finance partners that can work out a term and repayment that works for you with often $0 deposit required.

The technology is better and the prices have never been lower

Since the introduction of PV Systems for residential homes in Australia in 2008 the cost of solar energy equipment has come down up to a huge 70%. The typical size of an older original system was 1.5kw, however the minimum typical system installed today is anywhere from 6.6KW to 20KW on a home! More panels that have become more efficient with technology means more savings in your back pocket.

Do your bit for the environment and future proof your house

It's no secret that the worlds climate is changing due to our consistent and reckless use of its natural resources. Coal fired power stations and other non-renewable energy sources are becoming a thing of the past and its time to do your bit too. Solar power is 100% renewable and doesn’t use any water, gas, oil or coal to produce your home or business’s power supply. How’s that for helping the planet recover?