Thinking About Solar Power?

For a 4th consecutive year Australians broke the record for rooftop solar installs. Up 28% from the previous year, with 362,000 small scale rooftop solar installations! There’s never been a better time to go solar!

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Achieve $0 Energy Bills
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Eliminate Nasty Bills From Your Budget
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Do Your Bit For The Environment
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Why You Need To
Choose Solar Today!

Think Savings – Think Stress-Free – Think Smart – Think Renewable

Never Pay a Massive Electricity Bill Again

We’ve all been there! Getting a huge electricity bill after a hot summer or a freezing winter when we’ve been cranking the air-con. Customers that go solar enjoy energy production all year round, and protect themselves from ever increasing electricity bills! All customers that go solar see significant savings from previous billing cycles, and some even say goodbye to electricity bills, by receiving credits from their energy providers!

Generous Government Incentives And Feed-in Tariffs

Yes, the solar rebate is still alive and kicking! Think Renewable uses the famous Federal STC scheme, to provide subsidies ranging from $3000-10,000 to help reduce the cost of solar for homeowners!

In addition, they are able to receive feed-in tariffs or ‘FIT’ payments, where the retailer will pay for the exported electricity that isn’t used.. So YES, even when you’re not home during the day, solar can still earn you credits!

It’s Cheaper To Use Finance Than Pay An Electricity Bill

It is cheaper to make a fixed, inflation proof, monthly finance repayment towards solar than to pay the average Australian household electricity bill! In other words if you can afford your bill, you can afford solar! We have multiple finance partners that will find a term and repayment amount that works for you, often with $0 deposit required.

The Technology Is Better And The Price Is Lower

Since the introduction of PV systems for residential homes in Australia in 2008, the cost of solar equipment has come down by up to 70%. Some older systems were as small as 1.2kW, however most systems installed on homes today are anywhere from 6.6kW to 20kW! More panels on your roof, with greater efficiency, means more savings in your back pocket.

Do Your Bit For The Environment And Future
Proof Your Home

It’s no secret that the world’s climate is changing. Coal power stations and other non-renewable energy sources are becoming a thing of the past and it’s time to do your bit. Solar power is 100% renewable and doesn’t use any water, gas, oil or coal to produce your home’s power supply. How’s that for helping the planet recover?